MR ROBOT TV Series: USA Network 2014

If there is one TV series deserving of your complete attention, then it’s this. The premise is simple – a security engineer-by-day and vigilante-cyber-hacker-by-night, becomes involved in the single and potentially, greatest game-changing goal of wiping the world’s financial debt clean by taking down the largest, global, financial conglomerate: E Corporation.

The protagonist, ‘Elliot’, expertly played by Rami Malek – is mercifully complex, striking the perfect balance between philanthropic and detached while suffering from an array of mental health issues that are embedded with far-reaching social anxieties and self-destructive consequences. The series is a sleek, forbidding, dark cyber-thriller where the true sanity of the lead remains constantly in question.

The supporting cast fall gloriously into any given shade of the schizophrenia-to-psychopath spectrum, making Elliot’s psychological state all the more difficult and interesting to gauge by comparison.

Taking cues from Fight Club’s anarchistic tendencies and duplicity of lead, to The Matrix’s call for us to awaken from the self-created prison we have blinded ourselves with, Mr Robot’s appeal lies in the unsettling blend of superb cinematography, painstaking attention to authenticity in regards to the previously lightly-treaded, murky world of hacking; combined with an unsettling musical score and rich character profiles. Many episodes will imprint themselves on your subconscious and spread to your mind like a computer virus, and what better recommendation could there be for you to allow this series to infiltrate your network.

Series one is currently available to watch in its entirety on Amazon – and free to stream if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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