It’s so close…

So yeah I have a sickness — it’s all consuming… it’s what I call a romancing-a-post-apocalyptic-world-syndrome. And I’ve got it bad – so bad that I’ll be trying to infect you with the bug in an upcoming end-of-the-world pop culture feature of games, films, shows and our (un)healthy obsession with the many imaginations and iterations of Judgement Day… have your present day meds to hand, I plan on dropping this on you in a big way shortly and suddenly — y’know keeping things in line with how an end of the world scenario might hit you, with bandit-quick speed and mutant-scaled savagery 😉  

My nu-wasteland-fever is currently being stoked by the imminent release of Metro Exodus among the other, influx of similar dystopian-themed titles not far off the post-disaster horizon. 

So, with that in mind and scanning the online reviews of Metro Exodus (which are thankfully largely positive) currently doing the rounds — I, like many of those taking advantage of civilisation’s current – if often risky, preorder transaction possibilities; am riding the wave of current positive review relief – able to let go of the ‘Will it be cool?’ / ‘Will it suck?’ anxiety and not needing to tap into my eternal pool of buyer’s remorse.

So it looks like the aforementioned rush to use Metro Exodus as the hook to hang a bunch of other content to – has also paid off – Win:present-dayWin! [I would have likely brought you, my dear readers, this in some other creative form – but let’s not go there.] For now, life is good, the future dark and the past, a simulation…  

Metro Exodus review and a celebration of all things heralding the end will be upon you soon…For the time-being just marvel at a time when things worked, stuff was made by machines and a walk outside out for food wasn’t likely to end with you being the main course. 

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