‘Droid or Void’

10 Droids and 10 Voids – see if there’s method in my madness of whether I’ve lost the plot this October. Check out my praises and condemnations of trending practices and subjects to see if these float your boat – or take the wind out of your sails.

Simply put – those trends which are largely positive & logical are allocated to ‘Droid’ while those that aren’t, fall ( 😉 into the ‘Void’. Simples!

It’s all subjective and only reflects my current opinion (even for a Neanderthal like me – this has been known to change from time-to-time).

Some entries may reappear in the coming months – but I’m going to try to vary & mix them as much as possible to a-‘void’ (see what I did there?) repetition as much as possible.


Artist: Forest Swords electronica

Artist: Lorn (glitch)

Vitamin D

Improved IoT (Internet of Things)

Taking ownership of your actions

Pure capitalism (has never been applied)

Big scientific innovation projects

Group selfies

Tech solutions for the long-term

Healthy debate


Film remakes dressed as sequels


Fake tan

AI fearmongering / doom & gloom


Neo capitalism (current) government intervention

Small consumer tech incremental development (smartphone),

Selfie ‘trout’ pouting

Pointless gadgets

safe spaces

Got some more to add to either category? Why not leave some in the comments section below?

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